functional weakness

functional weakness is a bit hard to explain to people. It resembles a stroke. but there is no damage to the brain. it is the nervous system that is just not working correctly. It was explained to me in the following way: think of your brain like a computer, its not a hardware problem just the software!

With me it is the right side of my brain (nervous system) that is not working correctly. which means that it is my left side of my body that is effected. my face droops and my arm and leg go weak. i have trouble talking at times, and moving around is hard if my left side does not move. my left eye also closes where i cant open it at will.

It is not that well known around the world and this means that support groups are very rare. this is why i set up the blog so others can get in touch or just read over it. I am constantly trying new methods to try and control my functional weakness. all the help i can get would very much appreciated.




15 thoughts on “functional weakness

  1. Great explanation Kez it is hard to get across to anyone what its like and we get so fatigued.
    Due to the stroke type symptoms its takes an awful amount of energy to do simple tasks.
    If you had a stroke people would get you ..but with this they dont even try !

  2. I think a support group would be an excellent idea. It means so much knowing that I am nit the only one with these symptoms. Just not sure how we could go about starting one up ?? Have you. ?

    What ever you do dnt let the Drs put you on Diazepam. They put me on them to minimise the spasms and help the muscle weakness but they caused short term memory loss and irritation. Like I mentioned on another reply – maybe you could try acupuncture as it helped me for a while (1.5 years)

  3. hi i have functional weakness, but just in my legs, they give way with out reason and i walk as if i have MS, i use a rollator to walk with, i am on diazapam and trazadine, trazadine is a pain relief, i have had this and non-eplieptic-attack -disorder for 3 years, getting worse over time

    1. Im 21, diagnosed 3yrs ago (after years of hell) i suffer with my legs only, but i feel i shouldnt have to deal with the humiliation of explainin myself t people over and over again! people are forever calling me lazy, and saying functional weaknes is a nice way of sayin ‘lazy, and need to hit the gym’ nobody seems to recognise that its a legitimate condition.

      1. hi becky,
        sorry it has taken so long for a reply.
        thats a very young age to handle this condition. i hate the way people look at certain conditions and think yeah waste of time. just because something is not always visible does not mean it is not there!!
        i have a group on facebook we are like a family functional neurological disorder you might be a member already. but we get to share our day to day lives with each other.
        at the moment i am starting to organise a conference talk for later in the year with specialized drs etc, i am also trying to get patients to tell their stories of how this effects their day to day living and how they feel, i plan on having GPs and physios psychologists hypnotherapists there too.

        the main thing is to stay strong. im on a very bad week and feeling very low but i know that i will be back to my positive self soon enough. i suffer from multiple symptoms and its horrible. i am doing hypnotherapy now and it is amazing how it is helping me.

        if you have any questions or want to talk you can get me on facebook kez malloch or reply again on here.

        thank you for your reply.
        take care xx

      2. hi becky my daughter is 20 and has exactly the same problems so I am trying to find out more about it,she gets in a right state and couldn’t walk for 3 days this time and people don’t understand its a very distressing condition .

      3. hi thank you for your comment, i hope your daughter is ok at the moment. best get her checked by a neurologist they can diagnose her. we have a couple good support groups on facebook functional neurological disorder and fndhope
        also a very good site to check out if u have not done so is

        hope this helps

        kez malloch

  4. Thank you for posting this, it’s helped me as I have just been diagnosed with Functional Weakness and Clonus after I was assaulted and had my neck broken and Im just learning to live with the condition,
    Take Care

    1. thank you for your comment, if your on facebook we have great support groups functional neurological disorder and i hope these help. also

      kez malloch

    2. we have a support group on facebook that is great. we are like a fnd family, always there for support or advice.

        if you havent found us the group is functional neurological disorder
  5. I hate this functional weakness. The Neurologist who diagnosed it sent me home wih a paper telling me to read a website and cut out medications I am on for my osto-spondylosis of the spine. So now also suffering withdrawal problems and more pain together with yhis new condition. I have felt very suicidal.

    1. hi bev, i hope you are feeling a bit better about your condition now. are you on any the facebook support groups i have one, we call ourselves fnd family, we give support and advice.
      functional neurological disorder thats the group name on facebook. i hope you have got some support from my blog well understanding maybe better word for it. xx

    1. hi i have had fnd for just over 3 years been doing hypnotherapy for about two years, it has helped with seizures and pain. along with some of my paralysis episodes.
      you may have heard of bob burns he started my hypnotherapy off, i know see george watson who is amazing. have you every treated anyone with these kind of symptoms?

  6. I can not begin to tell you how helpful it was to find this blog! I’ve been having these symptoms for quite a while, and I feel better knowing I am not alone. Thank you SO much!

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